Mal D' Estomac Spring

Mal D' Estomac Spring


Come Away With Us

Come experience our hideaway wrapped in the embrace of cloud mist and rainforests on Trinidad’s Northern Mountain Range. La Vapeur Estate offers a range of bespoke experiences* including:

Agro tourism: Explore our legacy cocoa plantation or visit the garden of a Paramin farmer. Pick and taste cocoa fresh from the pod, harvest fruit and herbs or create your own condiment as a special souvenir of the visit.

Heritage tourism: Visit caves and grottos which were hiding places for runaway slaves and maroons. During the Christmas season walk into the village for traditional parang music or explore a cocoa house dating back to the early 1800s.

Eco tourism: Five major waterfalls and several smaller springs and streams are located on the extended estate which is surrounded by tropical rainforest. Wildlife includes the elusive ocelot, howler monkeys, toucans, snakes, agoutis and other small mammals. There are also opportunities for camping in a rainforest location and hiking along nature trails.

Glamping and Camping at La Vapeur Estate

Our camping facility is the ideal experience for adventurers seeking a green vacation without sacrificing the environment or creature comforts. Glampers can experience an exhilarating night canopy camping, elevated on a platform among the trees above the forest floor.  We also offer tropical forest camping packages for experienced campers and adventurers, which includes camping gear and a guide. 

Tours at La Vapeur Estate

La Vapeur Estate offers customized, tailor-made experiences designed to address the preferences and interests of our guests while building cultural and environmental awareness. Our guides are Paramin born and bred with a deep connection and knowledge of the land and its people.

In addition to specially tailored tours we offer two popular nature walks**.


Saut D’ Eau Nature Walk and Tour

Saut D' Eau Bay

The beautiful Bay of Saut D’Eau is a two hour walk over steep downhill terrain which begins on a dirt road and meanders through evergreen forest. On the descent our guide will point out medicinal herbs, points of interest and wildlife. On arriving at the sparkling green Bay, which is also referred to as St Cion Bay and is home to a statue of the saint, you can opt to explore the surroundings or enjoy a light picnic lunch.  The water is cool and calm for swimming and there are several streams and waterfalls, including a spectacular cascade which tumbles into the sea. The duration is eight hours - two hours on the descent, three hours on the beach, three hours on return. This activity is considered challenging.

US$110 two persons inclusive of tour guide, snacks, water, fruit juice and a light lunch.


Mal D Estomac Nature Walk and Tour

Mal D' Estomac Forest

A hidden gem known to Paramin villagers as Mal D'Estomac, French Creole   for “Bad Stomach”, lies at the end of a 69-90 minute nature walk through a forested estate with beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea. The path to the beach meanders through an old cocoa estate and along the way you can stop and enjoy a soak in the streams and waterfalls that abound on the property, enjoy the antics the white bearded manakin at their lek or sample cocoa fresh from the pod. Our guide will point out wildlife, flora and fauna and the traditional herbs used by the community’s first settlers for food and medicine.

Mal D' Estomac Bay

From the estate you will emerge on the half-mile long beach with its golden silky soft sand. There is also a stream with an invigorating pool to refresh oneself for the long hike back.                      

US$150 (two persons) inclusive of tour guide, snacks, water, fruit juice and a light lunch. Tour duration is six to eight hours.

 *We will work with you to develop a tour itinerary based on your interests and requirements.

**It is recommended that nature walks and tours be booked in advance of your arrival.