Serenity View

Serenity View

The La Vapeur Estate Family


The Estate is located at the summit of one of the three highest peaks in Trinidad and Tobago. With stunning sea and mountain views, the property’s wood cabin offers a luxurious and serene getaway; a relaxing slice of heaven in a tropical paradise. Available visitor activities include bird watching, hiking, camping, waterfall adventures and glamping.


Our Community

 La Vapeur Estate is part of the rural farming community of Paramin in northwest, Trinidad. The community, located just above the exclusive residential communities of Moka, Maraval is known for its seasoning herbs (chives, pimentos and other herbs) as well as for its strong French Creole and Spanish roots (it is a major venue for Parang music during the Christmas season and offers a full Patois mass at the Paramin Catholic church on the Sunday before Carnival). A tight-knit and friendly community, it is known for its sociable residents, “long-time” lifestyle and breathtaking city and sea views. La Vapeur Estate offers our guests a chance to have a deeper engagement with the community and learn of its folklore, foods and traditions while living in harmony with the environment.